Zgemma Satellite TV Receivers


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Zgemma Satellite TV Receivers

Zgemma star satellite TV receivers are manufactured by Airdigital and enable TV channels to be received, decoded and played on televisions via satellite dishes, terrestrial aerials or cable systems. There are different receivers available and the right one will depend on a number of considerations, first being how the TV signals are received. With different connection options, choose from wifi, ethernet port or smart card options. Most units should come with a remote control to let you control the receiver effectively.

Understanding DVB Standards

Next to the description of each Zgemma satellite receiver will be the letters DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) followed by T (terrestrial) or S (satellite) or C (cable) or a combination of all three. To receive signals from a satellite dish, the receiver must have a DVB S card. For terrestrial aerial signals, a DVB T card is required and for cable, it's DVB C.

Free to Air and Subscription Channels

There are two kinds of Free To Air (FTA) transmissions. Freeview is FTA via terrestrial aerials and Freesat is FTA via satellite. Both offer a significant amount of free channels but for more a paid-for subscription will have to be taken out with a satellite or cable provider. The desired combination of FTA and subscription channels will help narrow down the choice of Zgemma satellite receiver.

PVR, Multimedia and Home Media Centre Features

Above and beyond receiving and decoding programme signals, Zgemma satellite TV receivers offer a number of other features that enhance the viewing experience. Depending on the model, PVR (Personal Video Recorder) features include the ability to record one or more programmes at a time plus enable live pause, rewind and fast forward. Home media centre features display other forms of media in addition to TV signals, interacting with the internet, computer, SD card or USB stick.