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Build Your Home Cinema With an LG TV Screen

LG offers a wide range of TV screen sizes from the modest 18-inch screen for cosy rooms to 60-inch screens or larger. If your screen is faulty, however, you may want to simply buy a replacement LG screen rather than a whole new TV. eBay has a broad range of LG TV screens, both new and used, to suit all budgets.

The connectivity options for an LG TV

While older models may feature VGA for visual connection and RGA audio ports, many of the later models support connections to mobile devices and laptops. These connections allow you to turn the TV screen into a giant computer screen:

  • HDMI: These ports can support up to 4K quality when both the devices and the content are supported in this format.
  • USB: You can watch your favourite shows from a USB device like an external hard drive and have it play directly on the TV.
  • Wireless LAN: Sync your mobile device with the TV if the smart TV function supports wireless connectivity through your local network.
What is the difference between a normal TV and a smart TV?

A normal flat-screen TV will perform only the traditional functions of a TV, like tuning into TV channels and playing movies from media players. A smart TV can connect to the internet and interact with other devices to provide more functionality. You must match a replacement screen precisely to ensure continued functionality of your LG TV.

Connectivity features of a LG smart TV

Apart from being able to play your own content from a personal electronic device or a mobile phone, an LG Smart TV can also connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. This connectivity allows you to stream content straight from your favourite content platforms like Netflix and YouTube so you can turn your living room into a private cinema.

What are the different LG TV screen technologies?

When choosing a replacement screen or LG TV screen parts, consider the screen technology before making a purchase. OLED, for example, is where each pixel emits its own light so it doesn't require a backlight layer. OLED screens are typically much thinner than traditional LED or LCDs so are known for their sleek and space-saving profiles. Other common screen technologies include:

  • LED: Uses a consistent backlight to provide uniform brightness across an image, these are lower cost but may consume more electricity.
  • LCD: One of the older technologies in the TV industry it is cheap to buy and easy to run as the technology has existed for many years.
  • QLED: Advanced technology that uses tiny molecules to emit a unique light, allowing for a range of contrasts, colours, and brightness.