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Pebble Smart Watches

Keep an eye on your messages and activities with Pebble Smart Watches, designed to flash up your notifications without you having to have your phone to hand.

The Pebble Smartwatch was the first commercially successful smartwatch, launching in July 2013. The initial batch sold out within just five days and Pebble sold their one-millionth smartwatch on December 31st 2014.


The Pebble brand smartwatches can connect to both Android and iOS phone systems and will display notifications from the phone on the watch screen. It was designed to give notifications for emails, texts, calls and social media activity but has many other apps too, such as remote controls and turn-by-turn directions. It can also connect to apps such as GoPro, ESPN, Uber and Runkeeper.


The original Pebble Watch, launched in 2013 was simple and effective with a black and white screen and innovative technology.

The Pebble Steel, which was released in 2014 had two variations: matte black and brushed stainless steel finish. This version has a slimmer design with tactile buttons and a Gorilla Glass screen to protect from scratches. Some clever functions include swim-friendliness, which many fitness monitors do not have.

The next version, the Pebble Time, was released in 2015 with improved features such as a colour e-paper display and a microphone. This generation comes in two designs: the Pebble Time Steel, which is available in silver, black or gold with a stainless steel or leather band, and the Pebble Time Round, which has five finishes.

The final version of the Pebble smartwatch, the Pebble 2 was released in May 2016. This sleek design comes in several colours with a heart rate monitor and automatic sleep and step trackers.


The Pebble smartwatch can come with a strap made from various materials. Pebble silicone or rubber straps are popular, giving a sleek, modern aesthetic. Pebble leather smartwatches gives a classy look and appears more traditional and some even come with a stainless steel strap.