False Eyelashes & Adhesives

False Eyelashes and Adhesives

Designed to give you a more pronounced flutter, false eyelashes can help to build up impact with your natural eyelashes to give a fuller and more dramatic look. Depending on your requirements, false eyelashes can be used to fill in any gaps in your natural eyelashes or can be used to create a bolder look, ideal for attracting attention, accentuating eyes and giving you more confidence.

Here on eBay, you can find a wide range of false lashes and adhesives from leading brands including EyeLure, Red Cherry and Lilly Lashes. Certain false eyelash sets come available with adhesive whilst other sets come individually.

Strip Eyelashes

From subtle, delicate styles to dramatic, voluminous sets there are strip eyelashes to suit every occasion. For a natural look, choose lashes that have a clear lash band and a natural curve or for something a little more daring, choose double layered lashes for a bold, glamorous look.

Most strip eyelashes are synthetic but you can also find lashes made from human or mink hair.

Individual Eyelashes

Individual eyelashes are perfect for those looking to customise their look. You can choose single, double or trio lashes depending on how dramatic you want your look to be in short, medium or long styles. You can apply individual lashes amongst your real lashes for a natural look or you can layer lashes together for a full, thick look.

False Eyelash Sets

If you regularly wear false eyelashes or are looking to stock up then false eyelash sets are a great option. Available in a variety of different lengths and styles, false eyelash sets typically come in packs of 5.


You can choose semi-permanent or temporary eyelash adhesives depending on your requirements. Certain eyelash adhesives are waterproof, perfect for using on holiday and others are hypoallergic. Adhesives are available from leading brands including DUO and Eyelure.