Face Primer

Foundation Primer

Foundation primer is a fantastic way of keeping your make up base in place all day. Primers also help smooth the skin, reduce imperfections and shine, make pores look smaller and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. Foundation primer can be used for all skin types and may also come with added minerals .

Putting foundation in its place

Using a foundation primer before applying your foundation can help keep your make up looking flawless all day, even out the skin's surface and reduce excess oil.

Other skin issues such as enlarged pores or redness can also be helped by applying a foundation primer. Primers can help tired skin look refreshed and revitalised.

Primers create a perfect blank canvas to apply your make up to by smoothing out the skin tone and reducing the look of imperfections. Some primers have additional benefits as well, such as SPF sun protection.

Keeping your foundation in place all day, primers are the essential tool in your make up box.

Foundation primers are available in lots of different formulations and applications, and for different skin types.

If you have dry skin, a primer balm will hydrate the skin and stop your foundation looking cracked or cakey. If you have oily skin, a primer will help keep the skin matte, prevent oily breakouts and stop your foundation sliding away.

Apply after moisturising and before applying make up

Primers are often in liquid, cream or gel format. They should be used after moisturising the face, and before applying foundation or powder. They can also be used on their own for a natural, everyday look.

Foundation primer should be applied using the fingertips or a make up brush or sponge. Only a small amount is needed. It should be blended into the face to ensure a clear, flawless finish. Wait a few seconds for it to dry before applying foundation.

Most make up ranges feature a foundation primer.