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Make Up Brushes and Applicators

The adage is that a workman is only as good as his tools, and nowhere is that more true than in the beauty business. Whether you're trying to get the perfect look for yourself or you are a make up artist with a gift for making people look amazing, it always pays to invest in good quality brushes and applicators.

If you choose the right make up brushes and applicators for every make up job, you can make heavy handed application a thing of the past and give yourself the airbrushed selfie look.

Invest in a few good quality tools

If you invest in a few key brushes you can cover most eventualities. Remember, when you are buying a make up brush, the longer the bristle, the softer the application and coverage will be. Shorter bristles tend to give you fuller application and more coverage.

The absolute basics, according to experts, are a powder brush, a foundation brush , a concealer brush , a contour brush, a blending brush, a crease brush and an angled brush. Of course, with so many tools on the beauty market you might like to treat yourself to something extra, sometimes two. There are some beautiful professional make up brush sets available, so spoil yourself.

All in the application

Make up applicators come in four types: the sponge, wedge, puff and brush. There are many different types of sponges and puffs available, from basic disposable applicators to more luxurious washable applicators.

Sponge applicators are used for applying eye and face make up, and are ideal for liquid or cream based make up like foundation, concealer, and cream blusher.

Make up puffs are designed for loose powder, body shimmer powder and face powder. Puffs come in a variety of materials. Some puffs are available in luxurious fine down and feathers, and fleece and cotton. You can also use a puff to set concealer and hide blemishes. 

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