Knitting Machines

Knitting Machines

For many knitters, the gentle click of the needles and the rhythmic wrapping of the wool is all part of the charm, as they create jumpers and scarves from nothing more than a pair of needles and a ball of wool. However, if you want to create your own knitwear without all that effort, then let a knitting machine do the work for you.

With a knitting machine, you can create a whole world of wonderful designs effortlessly, knitting row after row quickly and easily with the sweep of your hand. Forget waiting weeks to finish your new sweater or cardigan, with a knitting machine, you can have it finished in a few hours.

Electronic Knitting Machines

With traditional knitting machines, you still need to work fairly hard, swiping the carriage back and forth, but even that is made effortless by modern electronic machines from the likes of Brother, Knitmaster and Silver Reed.

Programmable Knitting Machines

At the top of the range, you'll find fully programmable knitting machines which will automatically produce full patterns as well as incredible detailing. These machines work from punched cards or Mylar sheets, which instruct the machine to perform the most intricate of operations to create distinctive and highly original knitwear. Most computer controlled machines come with a selection of instruction templates, and you can always buy extras to add to your collection.

Your Own Knitwear Business

While many knitting machines are designed for occasional use, to create new season knitwear for you and your family there are larger machines available designed for full-scale production. Invest in one of these industrial machines and you could start your own knitwear business from home, creating dozens of designs every week.

Knitting Machine Spares

Naturally, like all mechanical tools, knitting machines will require repairs from time to time as components wear out or break. But don't worry, there is a full range of replacement parts available on eBay, covering all the major manufacturers, so you can keep your machine in first class condition.