Lip Make-Up Products

Lip Make Up

Lip make up comes in many formats, designed to give you the perfect pout. You can start with a basic lipstick in any colour you can think of and add a liner, and a gloss for effect.


Lipsticks will give you any type of coverage you prefer, from sheer to full, and they are available in long lasting formulations, with or without lip moisturising ingredients. You can opt for matte, one of the most popular types of lipstick, or shimmer and pearl finishes.

Lipsticks are traditionally sold in a bullet shaped applicator, although more recently, matte liquid lipsticks are becoming more popular and are widely available.

Lip gloss

Lip glosses are like lipsticks and also come in a range of finishes. For full coverage, you can try a high pigment lip gloss or if you prefer a lighter, more natural look there are clear and nude shades that enhance your natural lip without adding too much colour. Glosses also add depth and shine if you wear them over a matte lipstick.

Lip crayons

Although there's less choice available when it comes to lip crayons , there are some great shades available and they are a convenient option for any woman who likes a matte finish. They also cut out the need for a lip liner as you can define your lip shape with a crayon as you would a liner pencil.

Lip liner

Lip liners are great if you have thinner, smaller lips and want to create the illusion of a fuller lip. They are also good for stopping your lipstick 'bleeding' or migrating. You can use them like a lip crayon, if you choose a thicker pencil with a softer tip.

Lip stain

Lip stains come in several formulations: a roll on, a gel with an applicator or a tube with a colour infused tip. They contain alcohol which makes them set quickly and they can have a slight drying effect. Lip stains are best for a natural look and they tend to be available in more natural lines like red, pink and peach.