Blush Make-Up


Applied well, blushers can give you a healthy glow. With the correct contouring in the perfect shade, you can create an instantly more polished look in no time at all. Different types of blushers suit different skin types, as with most make up, and there are different formulations that will make your blusher work for you.

Each type of blusher has different qualities and knowing which type suits you best is a big step along the road to blusher perfection. These are available in palettes or single shades.

Powder Blushers

Powder blushers are the most popular type and most people will have at least one of these in their make up bag. Powder blushers are easy to blend and are available in a huge selection of colours and finishes that are easy to experiment with. Most make up brands will have a selection of powder blushers, so regardless of your budget, you'll be able to find a shade you love.

The down side to a powder blusher is that it's not particularly long lasting. A powder works well on just about all skin types, though it's best avoided for those who have acne prone skin.

Cream Blushers

If you prefer a blusher to give you a dewy look and last a little longer than your average powder blusher, cream blusher can be an excellent option for most skin types. It's another popular formulation which is available in a wide range of colours and price ranges. Being longer lasting it does not have to be reapplied every few hours, making it the preferable choice over powder if you will be wearing it for extended periods. Cream blusher suits most skins except oily.

Gel Blushers

A gel blusher is a great way to bring a healthy glow to your face, but like powder it can wear off quickly and it's not always suitable for darker skin tones.

Stain Blushers

For a textbook dewy blush that looks great all year round and suits all skin types, a blush stain could be the way forward. Stain blushers will stay put all day long and give you a lovely healthy radiance.