Concealer Make-Up

Concealer Make Up

Concealer make up is the hidden hero in every woman's make up bag. A true confidence booster, the correct shade and tone of concealer can hide a multitude of late nights and unfortunately timed break outs. Finding the correct brand can feel like a minefield, but with so many products to choose from, there will be one that fits you perfectly.

Finding the best concealer make up

The best type of concealer for you will do more than one job. It will cover up natural blemishes and discolourations, illuminate dark areas like under eye circles and work alongside your foundation to even out your skin tone.

It's important to choose the right product, as a badly chosen concealer can have the opposite effect; highlighting the blemishes you want to disguise, and making under eye darkness more obvious.

Different types of concealer

All concealers are not made equal and will not suit every skin type. It's important to find a formulation which suits you, as well as a shade that will seamlessly blend in with your foundation.

Liquid concealer

This type of concealer works best on normal, combination, oily, sensitive or breakout-prone skin. It's one of the most versatile types of concealer make up as it can be used on most types of skin, except for dry skin, and is easy to apply. Liquid concealer is a great choice if you're prone to break outs, because it's less likely to block your pores like some of the thicker, creamier formulations.

Stick concealer

Opt for a stick concealer if your skin is normal, dry, or sensitive. Sticks are easy and convenient as you can build coverage, but the thick, creamy texture may not be best for oily skin.

Cream concealer

Cream concealer coverage is very versatile, but as with stick concealer make up, a cream concealer is best avoided if you have oily skin. For normal, dry, combination, or sensitive skin however, a cream concealer is a convenient way to keep your complexion looking fresh and dewy. Cream concealer is one of the better options for covering under eye circles, and great for disguising discolourations.