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VHS Films

Find your favourite VHS films to play on your old video player with a collection of hit movies and cult classics to choose from.

Collecting old technology is growing in popularity and old VHS films are among the favourites to buy in this retro market. Enjoy a nostalgic evening in by popping on a film on your VHS player, or find that old favourite for your VHS collection.

Choose your perfect genre for that cosy night in with categories including horror, children and family, comedy, and action and adventure.

Keep the kids entertained by picking from all-time favourite and big hit films for all the family. Look out for Disney classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, or The Jungle Book; film versions of favourite television series like Thomas and Friends, or relive your childhood with family musicals from the 1960s and ‘70s. You can also make sure your choice is age appropriate by choosing which certificate you would prefer your movie to have. Not only will many of these be collector's items in their own right, some old TV shows may never have got a DVD release.

Get your adrenaline running by adding a horror VHS tape to your collection. With sub-genres such as cult, slasher, zombies and gore to choose from you are sure to find a horror which will get your heart racing.

If giggles and laughs are more your thing look out for comedy hits from both Britain and Hollywood, or keep an eye out for vintage black and white comedies.

Escape into a world of action and adventure with some of the best-known names in cinema history like Indiana Jones and James Bond, re-live battles for survival by choosing a war or military film, or find a thriller to keep you on the edge of your seat.

With a wide selection of genres to choose and with single videos and box sets available, there is sure to be a VHS film to suit you and all the family.