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Work, Rest, and Play with an Apple Mac

Apple produces a huge range of devices, but the brand is particularly well known for the innovations it's brought to the laptop markets. Apple's devices tend to be sleeker and more portable with each successive generation, and they offer unique operating systems and strong processing power. On eBay, you can find countless Apple offerings, new and old, from the Apple MacBook Pro to the traditional desktop Apple Mac. 

What Apple Mac laptop is suitable for a student? 

In general, Apple products are a good choice for students, particularly if paired with an iPhone. Both can be backed up via Apple iCloud, allowing for easy exchange of data between the two devices. Certain Apple Mac computers may be best suited to specific types of students:  

  • Apple MacBook Air is extremely portable, offering between 5 and 7 hours of battery life depending on the model.
  • The Apple MacBook Pro offers more processing power and is therefore useful for CAD, mathematics, or programming courses.
  • The Apple Mac desktop is a potential choice for students who do not need to take their computers to classes or lectures.

What Apple Mac colours are available? 

Certain vintage Apple products such as the iBook G3 offer colours such as Lime or Tangerine. Other Macs typically offer colours such as Space Grey or Titanium, and each model has its own specific colour. Check the manufacturer's specifications for individual models for information on colour, as well as other physical factors such as dimensions and weight. 

Can an Apple MacBook's battery be replaced? 

Yes. It is possible to replace, and in some cases upgrade, the battery or power supply of an Apple Mac. This is particularly useful for used Apple laptops, which can be found on eBay at more affordable prices than those in new condition. Always refer to the manufacturer's website to confirm what battery is needed for what model, as well as for instructions on how to replace the battery. 

Can an Apple Mac run Windows? 

Yes. Many models of the Apple Mac can run Boot Camp, Apple's utility for installing versions of Windows onto a Mac. This requires enough storage space to store both a Windows and Mac OS X installation, as well as creating a separate partition for that Windows installation. Refer to the manufacturer's site for details. 

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