Walk on Air and Water with Crocs

Crocs are world-renowned for their contemporary clogs, which are both versatile and comfortable. Crocs footwear ranges beyond clogs and comes in a variety of patterns and styles for men, women, and children. Whether you’re looking to try Crocs for the first time, or you simply need a replacement pair, eBay has a range of Crocs to suit a variety of preferences and prices. 

Are Crocs waterproof? 

Yes. Crocs are made from a form of closed-cell resin named ‘Croslite’, which is neither plastic nor rubber. This material is lightweight, versatile, and waterproof, which make Crocs a popular choice for the beach or swimming pool. There are also boots, which are ideal for rainy weather. Sandal Croc options are also available, which are particularly suited to protecting the soles of the wearer’s feet while submerged in water, such as from shells and rocks when walking on the beach. The open design of Crocs sandals permits rapid drying, keeping feet dry and comfortable. 

Are Crocs suitable for winter? 

Yes, there are winter Crocs, lined with faux-fur, providing the wearer with additional warmth. Croslite is not a breathable material; however, there are ventilation holes featured in Crocs footwear. Moisture retention provides prime conditions for the growth of bacteria; the cause of foul odours which may be emitted from a person’s feet. The breathable design of the shoes ensures that moisture is not retained and your feet remain warm, dry, and sanitary in winter. 

What are the advantages of wearing Crocs? 

Crocs have been designed to incorporate a myriad of factors, which account for foot support, hygiene, and general protection. Some of these factors include the following:  

  • Croslite is an anti-microbial material. When combined with the breathable design of clogs, it creates an environment which hinders and potentially eliminates the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • The Croslite material moulds to the shape of your foot, which provides arch support and general comfort when wearing Crocs.
  • The clog design covers your foot, which protects against minor accidents, such as stubbing your toe or a falling household object.
  • The clogs are easy to clean and are durable.
  • Stylish variants of the clogs exist, which provide the benefits of clogs in an aesthetically pleasing design.

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