Moncler: Luxury and Function in One Package

Founded in 1952 in a French mountain village near Grenoble, Moncler is a high-performance and highly fashionable leisure and sportswear brand. Known for its luxurious coats, the brand can be seen in the fashion world being worn by A-list celebrities, such as Drake and Scarlett Johansson. The brand has been the choice of numerous mountain expeditions and even supplied the French skiing team at the Grenoble Winter Olympics. You can find clothing made by the illustrious brand to wear for yourself, both brand new and secondhand, right here on eBay.

Are Moncler coats functional choices?

Yes, Moncler products stand out from the pack because, as well as being highly fashionable, they are highly functional as well, as evidenced by the French skiing team. In the production of its coats, Moncler places a focus on down cluster content. This means that due to their high down cluster content, all of the brand's coats have an increased thermal capacity. By having a greater capacity, your body heat is retained and not transported out to the environment, helping you to stay warm effectively. In addition to this, the coats from Moncler are designed using very specific nylons and production techniques to ensure ultra-lightweight, long-lasting designs that are resistant to tears and rips.

Are there Moncler collections available?

Yes, while coats have become synonymous with the Moncler brand, there are a number of collections that have been released to support and widen the range provided, which can all be found and purchased on eBay. These include the following collections:

  • Moncler Genius: The Genius collection was launched in 2018, with six designers taking the creative helm over the collection. This collaboration has led to the brand being interpreted through the eyes of the designers, offering new visions for products. These include sweaters, graphic T-shirts, and hoodies, with the brand's infamous coats anchoring the collection, as well.
  • Moncler C: Designed by British fashion designer Craig Green, the C collection focuses on abstract, yet fashionably oversized pieces, which he has labelled as 'wearable habitats'. These have become huge hits with fashion fans and can be seen being sported by the likes of Kanye West.
  • Moncler O: Working with the talented designer Virgil Abloh, the O collection combined Abloh's trademark streetwear stylings with all of Moncler's technical knowledge, to create a versatile, yet stylish, collection. Comprised of jackets, parkas, T-shirts, and other accessories, the O collection's designs stand out from other clothes immediately.
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