Vauxhall & Opel Classic Cars

Facts You Need to Know About Buying Vauxhall Opel Classic Cars

If you have a yearning for bygone days, you can satisfy it with the purchase of a Vauxhall classic car. Also sold under the German brand name Opel, Vauxhall cars have been a staple of British family life for decades. Classic Vauxhall cars you can discover on eBay include rare finds like the Vauxhall Astra MK1 and the Astra Belmont SRI for sale.

Features of Vauxhall classic cars

The features of Vauxhall classic cars depend on the year of production. A Vauxhall Cavalier for sale on eBay that was manufactured in the 1940s is slightly different than the same model produced in the 1960s. Check the production year mentioned in the listings. If the year isn't mentioned, you can get a general sense from the car's features, model, and condition, or query the vendor. Vauxhall classic cars produced in recent times comply fully with all national safety standards. Regardless, you can expect to find electric windows, comfortable leather seats, power steering, and automatic transmission in cars made during and after the 1960s.

How should you choose your pre-owned Vauxhall classic car?

Choosing your reasonably priced Vauxhall classic car requires thought and deliberation. Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • Fuel consumption - Older cars are less fuel efficient, but newer versions give you more mileage per litre of fuel.
  • Engine capacity - Engine capacity ranges from 2.3 litres to 3.3 litres. The larger the engine capacity, the less often you'll have to stop at the petrol station.
  • Number of doors - Models like the Vauxhall Cavalier Coupé for sale have both two-door and three-door options. Some think the two-door option is more stylish, while others prefer the three-door option for practicality.
  • MOT requirements - Not all Vauxhall models will pass a MOT inspection. While this may not matter if you plan on showcasing the car instead of driving it, it's wise to check with your local MOT garage to see the adjustments you'll have to make to bring your car up to code.
Which Vauxhall classic cars are available on eBay?

Find the Vauxhall classic car of your dreams on eBay. Not only can you find the Vauxhall Chevette, the Vauxhall Nova, the Vauxhall Magnum, and the Vauxhall Cavalier for sale, you can also choose an Astra GTE for sale. Many of the previously owned Vauxhall cars have been restored to good condition. You may even find an affordable new Vauxhall classic car. Vauxhall is still in business, and they continue to manufacture some models.