Sailing Life Jackets

Sailing Life Jackets

When exposed to water, whether it be in a swimming pool or the open sea, safety is a priority. Life-threatening situations can develop in an instant and life-saving jackets are a crucial tool in making sure that all involved parties are out of harm's way. Shop between a variety of life jackets, in a range of different styles and features. Available both new and used.

Manual Inflation

One of the most popular forms of activation is manual inflation. To activate buoyancy, the jacket will need to be manually inflated. This will usually require you to pull a toggle. The majority of manual inflation jackets on the market incorporate two separate buoyancy compartments, providing an even distribution of weight across your body.

Automatic Inflation

In contrast, automatic life-saving jackets do not require any form of manual procedure and will inflate within five seconds of you falling into the water. This type of jacket is designed to flip you onto your back almost immediately, removing the possibility of an unconscious individual remaining face down in the water.

Crotch Straps

Working in conjunction with life jackets, crotch straps are a valuable piece of equipment which can help lessen any negative effects which could occur to an individual when in a life-threatening situation. The main benefit of a crotch strap is to stop the life jacket from covering your face and head, which could potentially weigh you down and leave your airways blocked. Crotch straps can be sold individually or as part of a life jacket.


The main purpose of a harness is to reduce the risk of your upper body becoming submerged within water once you are outside of a boat. Life jackets are available with or without a harness. If you are a sailor who spends a large amount of time on deck, it would be within your interest to invest in a life jacket which features a harness. Those of you who do not demand any specific attachment to your boat would be more likely to benefit from a harness -free life jackets.