Mailing Tubes

Send post safely with mailing tubes

If you're worried about your mail getting crumpled in the post, mailing tubes are a great way to keep documents in pristine condition. You'll find a range of sizes to use with paper or card from A0 to A6 and everything in between. The tough exterior is ideal for getting the post to its destination just as it left you, so it is perfect for retailers or businesses that send important documents or items such as graphics and artwork that may get damaged in normal postal envelopes

Sturdy construction

Postal tubes are generally made of durable cardboard and can withstand the knocks and scratches that sometimes occur during transit. This construction is ideal for businesses that send regular postage to customers, and it gives extra peace of mind that products will arrive just as you packaged them. 

Plastic end caps are also a feature of mailing tubes and provide an easy way to secure the contents with simple access for the end user. You can also choose from a variety of plastic postal tubes, and these offer a heavy-duty option depending on your requirements. 

Bulk buys

If you're looking to purchase mailing tubes as packaging and shipping supplies for your business or home office, there is a range of sizes and quantities available. Bulk buying postal tubes provides a cost-effective way to send this style of parcel and is ideal for paperwork, plans and artwork that are being shipped both nationally and internationally. 

If you are just looking for individual material handling items, there is also a selection of end caps and accessories that can be used to accompany postal tubes. 

Sizes for all document types

There is a range of sizes available to accommodate both larger and smaller items. You'll also find the option of jumbo and oversized mailing tubes for substantial documents to ensure they remain in excellent condition throughout transit.