Sand Pits & Toys

Sandpits and Toys

Sandpits and toys are an excellent way to keep children entertained over the summer months and often bring back many happy memories of days at the seaside spent building sandcastles. They are a great addition to any garden as they can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Nowadays it’s not just traditional sandpits that are available to buy, but many other sand related toys and games. These include everything from sand and water play tables to diggers and a wide variety of accessories and tools to make playtime even more fun.

Perfect for digging, making sandcastles and general playing, this classic square sandpit box gives your child all the fun of being at the beach. Two seats on each side ensure that there’s enough space for everyone, whilst the easy assembly lets your kids get straight to playing.

A picnic table with a sandbox and a lift off lid let your kids play whilst sitting down, making for enhanced comfort. The lid protects the sand, ensuring that your kids can make the most of this sandbox.

Plastic pits are perfect for both sand and water and are lightweight yet durable. These come in various designs, including the Little Tikes turtle pit.

Perfect for younger kids, a sand and water tray helps your children get to grips with how sand and water works. With varied levels and sections, the sand and water tray lets your kids dig in deep and shallow sections.

Various toys are available to ensure that your kids stay entertained with their sandbox. A sit on digger lets them imitate a construction worker with a seat, two handles and a digger. Classic beach set toys let your kids dig, scrape and mould the sand. Various animal moulds are available, including fishes and crocodiles.

A plastic dump truck lets your kids dig up and transport sand from one area to another, whilst the buckets and spades let them make a sandcastle.