Dog Safety Vests & Life Preservers

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Dog Safety Vests & Life Preservers 

Keep your dog safe with a safety vest or life preserver (often also known as a life jacket). 

Ensure your dog can be seen in the dark wearing a safety vest made from reflective material. Plus prevent them from drowning with a life preserver buoyancy aid that acts to keep them afloat, much like children's swimming floats.

Safety vests and life preservers come in all sizes to fit any shape or breed of dog.

Safety vests and life preservers differ:

  • Safety Vest – a high visibility reflective jacket that your dog can wear to make sure they are seen in the dark when a car’s headlights shines on the vest.
  • Life Preserver – similar to the safety vest, with the added element of buoyancy, to keep your dog afloat if they fall into water.

Types of Safety Vest and Life Preserver

  • Reflective vest – like the yellow jackets worn by construction workers, these are designed to be highly-reflective of light. So when a car headlight or other beam of light shines on the vest, it instantly becomes more visible, so keeping your dog safe from harm.
  • Live preserver buoyancy aid / flotation device – includes material that floats in water, so acts the same way as a human life jacket, for keeping your dog out of trouble on the river or in the sea.
  • Buoyancy aid with reflective material – combining the 2 main safety elements of the vest and the life preserver, this will keep your dog safe both in the dark and on the water.
  • LED safety vest – rather than simply reflecting the light, this vest provides its own, incorporating a string of LED lights to keep your dog visible in the dark.

Benefits of Safety Vests / Life Preservers

  • Safe – keeps your dog safe in the dark by allowing motorists to see them.
  • Clean – helps keep dirt off your dog so they can’t bring it into your home.
  • Adjustable – whatever the size of your dog, you’re sure to find a vest that can be adjusted to fit securely around them.
  • Floats – life preservers have the additional benefit of floating on water, so keep your dog safe from the possibility of drowning.