Decorative Baskets

Decorative baskets

Finding home décor that adds to your interior's charm while also being a useful addition can be difficult. Decorative baskets are one item that fits both of those requirements. You'll find many stylish baskets that also have great practical uses. From wicker laundry baskets to large decorative baskets perfect for extra storage, there are so many options to choose from on eBay.

Uses for decorative baskets

There's no end to the clever ways you can use wicker baskets. Smaller or shallow baskets can be used to display items. Create a tasteful arrangement to show off your favourite décor as the centrepiece for your dining table. Larger wicker or rattan baskets can be used for storing items like blankets or winter clothes. You can also find woven baskets or vintage baskets that double as stylish shopping baskets or even everyday bags.

If you want to utilise decorative wicker baskets in multiple ways, you can shop for basket multipacks or hamper kits to get a few different sizes of baskets that all match.

Features of decorative baskets

Depending on what use you have in mind for your basket, there are different features you'll want to look for. Some of these are purely stylistic, while others have practical benefits. Common features of rattan baskets include lids, lining and handles.

Lids are important if you want a basket for storage and don't want the items inside to be on display. The lining protects the basket from getting dirty and can often be removed so it can be washed. This is a great option if you are using your basket for food or anything messy. Of course, handles are an essential feature to look out for if you are going to carry your basket often.

Whether you're searching for a unique or antique basket to use as decoration in your home or a sturdy bamboo basket to carry your groceries, there is a huge range of options to pick from on eBay.