Ride-On Cars

Ride-On Cars

Let your kid cruise around your street on a ride-on car, available in a large range of colours and styles. Choose classic styles to modern and exciting battery powered cars.

Type of Car

Toddlers and young children would be best suited to scoot-along cars that can be pulled along or pushed along by walking. From classics such as the Little Tikes cars to modern little sports cars and farm vehicles, there’s a ride-on car for even the youngest child.

Slightly older children will love cars that they can pedal along. Choose go kart and racing car style pedal cars to get those legs pumping and doing laps around the neighbourhood. Some pedal cars have two seats, one in the front and one to the back, so friends and siblings can come along for the ride. It’s a great way of pedalling along as a team and going on fun adventures together.

Little adventurers can have a plush ride in electric and battery powered cars. The cleverly crafted vehicles usually come in the design of miniature favourite car models. Popular styles include 12V Audi, Jeep and Mini cars that can be driven around by your little ones. Smaller electric motorbikes are also available, giving your kids a taste for life in the fast lane.

Electric and Battery Powered Cars

Powered cars for your tiny little ones often come with a remote control that parents can use to drive their tots around. Look out for seat belts, added extras such as MP3 players and working lights.

For ages 3 and up, try a ride-on car that they can control themselves, perfect for riding around your garden or up and down your street. These designs have real working pedals and steering wheels for a more realistic riding experience. Look out for the additional add-on extras that these cars can come with such as reverse functions and music players.