Fence Panels

Fence Panels

Fences are essential structures that can help you protect the boundary of your property. Whether you're looking to keep out foxes or prying eyes, fences can also help protect your privacy and shield you from the elements. They can help keep pets and little ones inside and safely away from roads too.

Whatever size fence panels you're after you'll find thousands of options to choose from. Lengths and heights range from 1-2.5 feet, 2.5-4 feet and 4-6 feet. They come in a choice of materials that each have their own benefits. Here are three of the most popular.

Wooden fence panels

Wooden fence panels are typically made from soft and pliable woods such as bamboo and willow, or heavier duty timbers. Different thicknesses are available and will determine how durable your fence is likely to be.

If you choose timber fence paneling you can add stains in a variety of natural wood colours, or have the freedom to paint your fence in whatever colours or designs takes your fancy. A range of trellis paneling is also available.

Metal fence panels

Metal fences can add some intrigue and character to your outside space. Whether you choose iron or steel, you can opt for classic hoop top panels or a grid pattern. You can also select more unusual and decorative designs that reflect natural patterns such as leaves and flowers.

The type of metal and thickness you choose will greatly affect the durability and weight of your fence, with thicker metals being harder to install by yourself, but stronger in the long run. Mesh and chicken wire options are also available if you need reinforcements.

Concrete fence panels

Concrete fence panels are heavy duty and will act as a permanent wall around your property. With some professional help, they can be slotted in between your existing concrete fence posts and several effects and finishes are available.