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Home Audio Amplifiers and Pre Amps

Pump out your favourite tunes with home audio amplifiers and pre amps. Discover products from trusted brands including Pioneer, SMSL and Technics.

Power Output

First up, the power output is important as it correlates with how loud you can play your music. The level of power output depends on what you'll be using it for. If you just want to listen to music at home with great quality audio, then 10W will be plenty. If you're looking to host parties or gigs, then up to 100W will most definitely be loud enough.


Another very important thing to consider is the inputs and connections, you want to make sure that the amp is not only compatible with your devices but that it also has enough inputs for everything that you'll be plugging in. There are several different types of connection, from AUX to RCA and you may need different ones at different times of use.

Sound Quality

Other things to look out for include the Total Harmonic Distortion and Noise (or THD+N), which measures the total effect of the amplifier on the sound output. To put it simply, the more distortion it has, the more it will affect the sound quality, so lower numbers are better.

When it comes to Signal to Noise Ratio (or SNR) on the other hand, you'll want to look for higher numbers. This affects the level of background noises and how much effect they have on how much background noise you can hear while the music is playing.


If you're investing in a quality pre amp or amplifier, you'll want to make sure you're sticking with a brand that can be trusted as well as making sure the device has all the features that you're looking for. Look out for well known brands such as Musical Fidelity, Cambridge Audio, Cyrus, Naim and Technics.

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