Home CD Players and Recorders

Play all your favourite albums at home with the option to record songs with a home CD player and recorder. Discover a range of varied products from portable CD units to wall-mounted stereos.

CD Player Units

Dedicated CD player units are designed to have the best quality and can be paired with any speakers. Simply plug them in and you're ready to go. Look out for quality brands such as Sony, Yamaha and Pioneer. Or browse for dedicated audio brands such as Marantz, Naim, or Denon to find the perfect unit for your home.

CD Recorders

Record your favourite songs onto a disc with CD recording devices. You can make mixtapes to sing along to in the car and transfer your music from vinyl records or radio to listen to at your convenience. Look for a CD recorder with a microphone input if you want to record live audio, whether you want to send a message, record a memo or record yourself singing.

Hi-Fi Systems

The ideal home setups, Hi-Fi units are home music systems that play CDs, usually with an FM radio too. Hi-Fi means high fidelity, meaning that the systems are designed to play high quality audio. You can fit a Hi-Fi system that suits your home, from sleek and stylish models to fun and colourful ones.

Portable CD Players

For those who don't just like listening to their favourite CDs at home, portable CD players can be taken out to the garden, on holiday or on your daily commute to work. Portable CD players are lightweight so that they are easy to carry and sometimes also feature a handle on the top. A lot of the more modern portable CD players also have MP3 and Bluetooth connection, so you can play your tunes from your phone or tablet.