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The right home speakers and subwoofers can transform a song into a symphony, a film into a masterpiece. You can find the latest and greatest speakers, soundbars, stereos, bluetooth speakers and more here on eBay. If you need any audio parts or accessories, like amplifiers and coaxial cables, you can find those too.

Choosing the best speaker brand for you

The speaker market is flooded with great options from dozens of different brands. Each offers a slew of sound-enhancing features, but it can be hard to understand the jargon. Sure, you've heard of Samsung, Sony, LG, JBL, Bose, Wharfedale, Sonos and Apple speakers. But what do they do and how are they different? Here's a run-down of our favourites:

Bose: Known for producing high-quality speakers with loud, clear sound, Bose is a great choice for any sitting room.

  • Bose bluetooth speakers: Take your music anywhere with the cord-free ease of a Bose bluetooth speaker. In typical Bose style, you don't have to worry about losing out on quality audio.

  • Bose soundbar: Enhance your TV audio with a top-notch Bose sound bar. With Bose, you can enjoy a soundbar that looks as premium as it sounds.

Apple: The tech giant is no amateur when it comes to smart home audio.

  • Apple Homepod: With room-filling sound, the Apple Homepod offers smart assistance and great audio quality for your beats.

Sonos: The experts in sound, Sonos are popular for their crystal-clear quality and multi-room system offerings.

  • Sonos One: The Sonos One is a great entry point into the Sonos product range. The voice-controlled smart speaker offers audio quality in spades, perfect for everyday listening.

  • Sonos Beam: Audio aficionados adore the impeccable performance of the Sonos Beam. Packed with features and bursting with quality audio, this is a great choice to pair with your TV.

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