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Choosing Candle and Tea Light Holders

Candles and tea lights are an alternative form of lighting for a room. Timeless classics, people use candles for their interior space to achieve a sense of comfort and warmth. eBay has many different candle and tea light holders.

What are the types of tea light candle holders?

Tea light candle holders are created to fit the small standard tea lights. There is a wide variety available. You can go as simple or as complex as you like with your choice. Many varieties, from a tea light holder that resembles a cup to intricately carved wooden tea light candle holders, are sold on eBay. Translucent tea light candle holders are great for spreading more light from the candle. They have a secure hold on the candle to make you feel more secure when burning candles indoors.

Other decorative new and used tea light holders are created to hold the tea light candle in a small slot made specifically for it. These are better for people who are sure that the surface beneath the candles is non-flammable and that there is a minimal risk of the holder being pushed or jostled. Tea light holders also come in whole sets that can be placed on a wall and brighten the room. Floor candle holder are also sold for tea lights.

What are the candle holders for larger candles?

Classic candle holders are also available on eBay. They are suited for standard taper candles and come in beautiful styles for any occasion or type of decor. Some candle holders are designed to lighten the room even more or make your holiday decorations more elaborate. Metal candle holders are also available for church candles, pillar candles, and votive candles.

What are the different style variations of candle holders?

Candles are a powerful statement of style within a home. While we have electricity for lighting purposes, candles tend to become a central piece of decor within an interior. The common styles of candle holders include:

  • Antique: Antique candle holders are created to resemble something you might have seen in the early to mid 1900s. If you are a lover of historical classics, these are for you. Anything from antler candles to wooden wall candle holders are there for you to choose from.
  • Art Deco: This type of style is very artistic and includes intricate features, paintings, small statues, or carvings on wood.
  • Gothic: Gothic-styled holders are usually black. Their shapes are derived from themes of witchcraft, death, dragons, and the medieval ages.
  • Moroccan: Moroccan styles of candles are inspired by the national decor of the same country. Intricately decorated metal candle holders and brightly coloured glass are used to make these masterpieces. They are made to be hung with a ring on the top of the candle holder.
  • Traditional: A traditional candle plate has a plain design to suit a more practical purpose with a cleaner look.
  • Vintage/Retro: Available in a variety of styles, retro candle holders evoke decades past and work with a variety of styles or function well as collectables.