Motorcycle & Motorsports Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are available in a variety of different styles across dual sports, motorcycle, motocross and ATV, scooter and trials designs and should be selected to meet the demands of your choice of ride.

Constructed from high performance materials inside and out to both protect and offer a high level of practical comfort, motorcycle helmets can be purchased in a range of sizes as full-face, open face, modular, flip-up and vintage models in plain, graphic or replica designs.

Motorcycle helmets are often selected to match an accompanying racing suit or two-piece and are usually decorated with distinctive logos and designs of popular motorsports brands such as AGV, Akai and BELL.

UK safety standard

Probably the most important piece of kit for any biker, your crash helmet will be a lifesaver in the event of any accident. All motorcycle helmets must comply with rigorous safety measures and in the UK must meet either British Standard 6658: 1985 or ECE Regulation 22.05 standards. This is usually stated on the label inside the helmet or on the outer shell.

Helmet styles

Full-face helmets allow for maximum performance and protection for extreme use such as racing and track days. Such helmets offer the optimum level of protection and use high performance materials on inners and have carbon fibre shells designed for a stable and comfortable fit. By contrast, open helmets offer a lesser degree of protection but will allow for a greater field of vision and are often chosen by a rider for their sense of freedom.

Flip-up or modular helmets are an extremely popular choice. This style of crash helmet has a hybrid mix of benefits of both a full-face and open helmet and offers an increased level of protection while being unrestricted. This convenient design can flip up to raise the facial section so that you can eat, drink or chat to your race buddy without having to remove your headgear.