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Motorcycle Visors

Motorcycle visors are an important safety device as they protect your eyes and vision while riding. A good quality visor will prevent road dirt, bugs and pollen from getting in your eyes. It’ll protect you from driving rain, wind and glaring sunlight.

Choose from a variety of shapes, finishes, colours and tints to match your favourite motorcycle helmets. Clear visors will protect your vision in all conditions, while amber tints are used where there is a low level of light. Iridium visors are recommended for blocking UV rays and glare from the sun.

Pinlock visors are among the most popular as they help reduce fog and maintain visibility. The inserts contain moisture absorbing properties and work in a similar way to double-glazing when attached to a standard visor. Several manufacturers have created pinlock-ready helmets which allow a pinlock visor to be fitted to them or interchanged quickly and easily.

If you’re interested in Pinlock visors make sure you purchase a style that’s compatible with the model of your motorcycle helmet and motorcycle visor.

Arai visors come in an array of styles. The Arai visor for the Tour-X 4 features a dark tint and is Pinlock ready and comes with the pins and anti-fog insert. A genuine Arai visor for the RX-7GP helmet comes in a fully clear design, available as just the visor or with Pinlock compatibility.

Shark visors are available with a design only allowed on the track. The tinted or reflective finishes are available in blue, gold, black and silver. Road legal Shark visors include the VZ60AS with a clear finish and an anti-scratch coating.

Genuine Bell RS-1 visors come with various colours and Pinlock options. The standard photochromic function ensures that you aren’t blinded by the sun when riding. Visors for Bell Bullitts include a gold iridium model, with either a bubble or flat finish.