Balaclavas, Masks & Neck Warmers

Motorcycle Balaclavas, Masks and Tubes

When shopping for base layers, motorcycle balaclavas, masks and tubes are always in demand for added comfort, protection and even to add an element of extra style. Here on eBay, you will be able to find an extensive range of balaclavas, masks and tubes in a variety of designs, styles, colours and sizes in both new and secondhand condition.


For motorcycle riders who are looking for more coverage, for example, to help offer an additional level of warmth in colder weather, opt for a full mask or a balaclava. For extreme conditions, opt for a thermal or windproof balaclava for added warmth and protection. To stop the inside of your helmet from steaming up when wearing a balaclava look for styles with breath guards.

Balaclavas are available in many different colours and sizes so you will be able to find one that suits the rest of your motorcycling gear.


Motorcycle tubes are lightweight and perfect to wear all year round to protect you from the elements. Choose styles that are made from fabrics that keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Certain tubes are multi purpose and can be folded into a hat, used as a bandanna or worn as a headband.


If you ride regularly in urban areas pollution may be a concern, particularly if you usually wear an open face helmet. In this case, it may be worth considering a pollution mask which will help to filter out traffic fumes. These include different types of filters, valves and ventilation so you can breathe easy.

Many motorbike riders also use a motorcycle masks to inject a bit of colour or added personality to their gear. There’s a wide range of colourful designs that feature everything from classic characters such as Hannibal Lector and the Joker, all the way through to more subtle patterns and colour combinations.