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Guide to Buying Motorcycle Slip-On Exhausts and Silencers

Riding a motorcycle is among the many options available for riders who want a reliable and enjoyable means of transport. Regardless of the type of bike you own and your level of experience, getting a motorcycle silencer or slip-on exhaust can improve the efficiency and performance of your bike. Before going to eBay to search for a slip-on silencer or cheap motorcycle exhaust cans, go through the following guide to learn all the essential information you need to select a gadget that is suitable for you.

How to choose the right motorcycle slip-on exhaust and silencer

Consider the following key factors before getting a motorcycle silencer or slip-on exhaust:

  • Material - The type of metal your motorbike exhaust silencer is made of can determine how resilient and long-lasting it will be. Pay attention to different metals, such as stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Length - Match the overall length of the slip-on exhaust to that of your bike.
  • Inlet diameter - This will determine whether the exhaust or silencer can fit your bike model. Different motorcycles sometimes have varying inlet diameters, making it an important aspect to scrutinise.
  • Installation - You may also want to choose a slip-on exhaust that is easy to install regardless of your experience level. If you have different bike models, a universal motorcycle exhaust is a wise option.
What unique features do motorcycle slip-on exhausts and silencers have?

Slip-on exhausts and silencers have various special features that are suitable for a wide range of motorcycles. These include:

  • Angled design - Some silencers are angled, meaning that they allow the bike to have less back pressure and exhaust resistance, thus improving performance.
  • Universal fit and adjust-ability - If a gadget is labelled as a universal motorcycle exhaust silencer, it means that it can fit most motorcycle models. For instance, a universal sportbike exhaust can also fit a scooter or a cruiser.
  • DB killer - This feature allows your silencer to bring the sounds emitted by your bike to a legally permissible level.
What to look for when selecting pre-owned slip-on exhausts

The following elements are essential when assessing which used slip-on exhaust to purchase:

  • Rust - The presence of rust can indicate the age of your slip-on exhaust. Rust causes metals to become brittle, making it essential that you select a pre-owned exhaust that is sturdy and firm.
  • Dents and cracks - Significant damage to your used exhaust can reduce its performance. Make sure that it is in good condition.
  • Discolouration - Severe discolouration indicates that the heat dissipated by the exhaust is excessive and that the gadget itself may not be performing as desired. You also may want a gleaming and shining exhaust so that you can take pride in your bike.