Motorcycle Paddock Stands

Motorcycle Paddock Stands

Motorcycle paddock stands allow you to carry out maintenance and repair work on your motorcycle by elevating your bike and holding it in a fixed position so you can carry out the work you need to. Broadly speaking, motorcycle paddock stands come in two types - front stands which allow you to work on your front wheel and rear stands for the rear wheel.

Benefits and features of motorcycle paddock stands

Well built motorcycle paddock stands comprise of dual twin wheel designs. This means that they use 4 thick wheels that provide extra steadiness when working on your motorcycle. In addition, the large U-shaped bars increase stability when your motorcycle is raised off of the ground. Further, paddock stands built from one piece designs provide additional strength.

Motorcycle paddock stands which are constructed from aluminium allow the stand to be lightweight enough to easily move and transport yet without compromising on durability and strength, as they can withstand the heavy weight of the motorcycle.

Adjustable fork mounts make it easy to accommodate the size of your motorcycle wheel by enabling you to alter their width as needed. These are then able to be fully locked with allen head bolts. Some fork mounts feature a rubberised coating to mitigate against scratches. Additionally, some paddock stands have adjustable heights, which allow you to raise or lower the stand to give you extra room to work as necessary.

Some motorcycle paddock stands also come with a handy lever handle, giving you greater control over the specificity of the height. This enables you to incrementally increase the height of the stand which can also increase overall safety by providing you with greater control over the lifting of the motorcycle.

Many motorcycle paddock stands feature a corrosion resistant finish, which ensures that the frame will be resistant to any substances it may come in to when you are working on your motorcycle.