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Motorcycle Frames

When it comes to motorcycles, the frame is one of the most important components. Not only does it connect to all of the other important components, but it also drives the style of the bike and figures in how it handles. When building a motorcycle, choosing the right frame is an important decision.

What types of motorcycle frames are there?

In general, there are three main types of frames for motorcycles that you can choose from:

  • Hardtail: This type of bike does not have any rear suspension, thus giving it its name. With this type of frame, you do not have to purchase rear suspension, and it gives extra space, allowing you to get creative with the metal fabrication.
  • Softail: This type of frame looks like a hardtail frame but allows you to add rear suspension. This makes the bike more comfortable to ride, thus saving your back.
  • FXR: This frame is characterized by an external rear suspension. It is designed to be ridden for thousands of miles. If you plan to take your motorcycle for long rides or across the country, this frame is recommended.
What styles of motorcycle frames are there?

When it comes to the style of the motorcycle, you have several options:

  • Chopper: For this style of motorcycle, the frame should have stretched down tubes and a longer backbone. This puts the front wheel way out in front of the motorcycle, allowing the rider to sit back and relax in a comfortable position while they ride.
  • Pro street: These frames are long and narrow with a stretched backbone. The down tubes tend to be shorter than the tubes on a chopper frame. This gives them the appearance that they are fast and nimble.
  • Street fighter: These motorcycles are a custom combination of a Harley style and a sport bike. They are designed for cornering and have good ground clearance. These motorcycles are often easier to ride and control, making them an option for less experienced riders.
What considerations should you make when looking for motorcycle frames?

Frames for motorcycles are made up of different components that all come in various lengths and sizes. When looking for a custom frame, you will need to consider the:

  • Rake: This refers to the angle of the motorcycle's front steering mechanism. If the angle of the rake is too large, the ride can be difficult to control.
  • Frame stretch: The backbone stretch determines how long the motorcycle is and how tall it is. If the backbone is too long, there will be too much flex in the machine.
  • Neck style: You can choose between a straight neck, which will need bearing races, or an hourglass neck.
  • Tubing size: This component gives the frame its strength and durability. The larger the engine and rake, the larger the tubing you will need.
  • Stress bar: These components are not always included on frames. However, they should be considered as they can stop the motorcycle from flexing, and they increase the frame's strength.