Fishing Baits, Lures & Flies

Fishing Baits, Lures and Flies

Fishing baits, lures and flies are used by fishermen to attract and catch fish. They are used to entice the fish, which is why they are designed to be attractive and some even look like real food to the fish. There is a large variety of different fishing baits, lures and baits on offer and differ in shape, colour and fishing discipline.

Fishing type

There are different types of fishing that any one fisherman can conduct, these methods of fishing include fly fishing, freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing and ice fishing.

There is so much choice when it comes to choosing what type of fishing bait, lures and flies you want to entice your fish. They can vary on different types of fish you want to lure in, the water condition you're fishing in and the fishing rod you're using.


Fishing bait is something placed on the end of a fishing hook or in a fish trap, on the end of your line and is used to attract, lure and catch fish. Baits vary in type however they traditionally used to be natural baits such as small insects like mealworms and nightcrawlers, as well as other food products like meat which have been popular to help in the past to attract fish. Recently, these baits are still used however fishermen have began using plastic baits that are artificial and help attract the fish by the bright coloured design, these are also known as fishing lures.


Fishing lures are a type of fishing bait that work by attracting the fish's attention through its design. They use fast movement, vibration, colour and vibrant designs that attract the fish's attention as oppose to attract their smell through food. The majority of fishing lures are attached to the end of the fishing line and have different hooks to help catch the fish in all water conditions. There are lots of different types of fishing lures, these include jig, surface lures , spoon lures, LED lures, swim baits and fish decoys. They are a popular choice of fishing bait because they are better to carry around than smelly insects or meat. They can simply be placed in a fishing tackle box and be safe and secure for every fishing trip.

There is a lot of different fishing baits, lures and flies for you to choose from so it is important that you know which type of fishing you are going to be doing and which fishing bait method is most suitable so you can have the best fishing experience.