Fishing Terminal Tackle

Fishing Terminal Tackle

Fishing terminal tackle comes in a huge range of shapes and sizes. The tackle you choose will depend on the type of fish you are trying to catch and the type of rod that you are using.

Jig Lures

Jig lures are incredibly versatile. Jigs are very inexpensive to use and they have a weighted head that is made out of lead. Jig lures are available in a huge range of sizes and colours and can be dressed with aplastic grubs, bait and even feathers. Jig fishing takes a lot of concentration and the movement of the jig is solely reliant on the fisherman. If the jig is left to its own devices, it will sink and remain immobile.


Spinners are ideal for beginners because they are easy to use. A spinner consists of a metal shaft and a spinning blade. The fish hook can be dressed and when the spinner is dragged through the water, the blade spins and this sends out a vibration to the fish via their lateral line. Spinners are more suited to murky water or stained water.


Spoons are metal lures that are curved. Spoons move through the water using a wobble motion that greatly mimics an injured fish. Game fish are particularly attracted to spoons. Some spoons are intended for casting, others for trolling and some for jigging. A casting spoon is more suited to beginners and they are very easy to retrieve.

Soft Plastic Baits

Soft baits are available in many different lures. They are usually used for bass fishing and the classic bait is the worm. Soft baits respond to the angler's movements and are available in a huge array of colours and sizes. The colour of plastic bait you choose will ultimately determine the fish you catch and the movements you make with the rod.