Vintage Fishing Equipment

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Find the Vintage Fishing Equipment You're Searching for on eBay

If you enjoy collecting vintage fishing equipment, you have lots of options for pursuing your hobby. You can find all manner of vintage fishing tackle for sale at affordable prices on eBay.

Types of inexpensive vintage fishing equipment

When you are searching for vintage fishing equipment on eBay, you will find these items categorised by their type. The most common categories to look for in eBay listings are creels, flies, fishing licences, lures, reels, and rods.

What types of vintage fishing lures are there?

There are many different types of vintage and collectible lures. These are the most common ones you can find for sale on eBay:

  • Jig - A jig is used for all types of game fish. It has a lead head and comes in all sizes and colours. It can be trimmed in hair, feathers, a plastic grub, or live bait. You use a jig by casting it out, waiting until it hits bottom, and then pulling it in while 'hopping' the lure.
  • Spinner - A spinner is a metal shaft with a spinning blade, and it can be dressed or not. When the spinner is pulled through the water, the blade spins and causes sounds and vibrations in the water. A spinner is good to use in dark and murky water.
  • Spoon - These are curved metal lures. Originally, spoons were actually spoons with the handles broken off, but now they come in all colours and sizes. A spoon moves through the water with a sideways wobble that imitates that of an injured fish. You use a spoon by casting out and then pulling it in.
  • Soft plastic bait - There are various types of soft plastic lures, which are most typically used for bass fishing. The most common type is a worm, but they can be any shape of bait or resemble no particular creature. The soft plastic encourages fish to keep the lure in their mouths longer.
  • Plug - A plug is a hollow lure that resembles some type of frog, baitfish, or another type of prey. It will usually have several treble hooks. It is made to float, dive, or both. It can be designed to wobble, rattle, or make other noises. It usually has a plastic lip that allows it to dive when it is pulled through the water.
  • Spinnerbait - A spinnerbait has a lead body with a piece of wire attached. The body is often dressed with a rubber skirting, and the wire will have blades. Anglers usually simply cast the lure out and pull it in at an even speed.
  • Fly - Flies are light lures that imitate insects. They are usually made of fur and feathers. These are used with fly fishing equipment and are most often utilised for catching trout.
Classification of equipment by types of fishing

Vintage fishing equipment is designed to be used for specific types of fishing. The most common types of fishing are coarse fishing, fly fishing, ice fishing, and saltwater fishing. Each type of fishing requires specialised rods, reels, and lures.

Major brands of vintage fishing reels

There are many well-known and sought-after brands of vintage fishing reels. These are some of the brand names you will often see when searching for collectible fishing reels for sale:

  • Fin-Nor
  • A.J. Stead
  • C.R. Klein
  • Reel King
  • B.F. Meek
  • Landem
  • Hardy Bros.
  • Stevens
  • Schauffler
  • Crawford