Guitar & Bass Parts & Accessories

Guitar Accessories 

There are many different products and accessories for guitarists to add to their equipment. Some are basic essentials to every guitarplayer while others are designed to maintain or improve your instrument and playing experience.

Key accessories include:

Guitar strings

  • Many different brands and types available
  • Vary between acousticand electricguitars
  • Available in a number of different gauges (thicknesses)
  • Made from different materials with different tonal qualities and characteristics
  • Can be very affordable or more expensive

Guitar Tuners

There are a number of different styles of guitar tuners, including

  • Clip on tuners which attach to the headstock of the guitar – very portable and convenient
  • Pedal tuners are cased in a stompbox chassis and feature an output so they can constantly be set up in your signal chain
  • The most basic guitar tuners are non-chromatic and limit you to standard tuning
  • Non-chromatic tuners are usually very affordable
  • Chromatic tuners allow you to tune to any notes – ideal for players that use drop and alternate tunings

Guitar String Winders

  • Also known as peg winders
  • Used to make changing strings faster and easier
  • Many string winders also act as a pin puller to remove the bridge pins from acoustic guitars when changing strings

Guitar Capos

  • Applied to the guitar to clamp the strings down at the desired fret to raise the pitch
  • Enabling the guitarist to use open chords in all 12 keys,  capos are produced in a number of designs including:


  • Basic design and simple to use
  • Very affordable
  • Uses a notch system to tighten the capo
  • Can pull the strings out of tune

Trigger style

  • Allows for quick release
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Can also pull the strings slightly out of tune

Shubb Capo

  • Allows you to control the tension
  • Don’t slip or move
  • Different designs for different guitars – be sure to choose a capo suitable for your guitar

Guitar Tool Kits

  • Feature a number of tools for maintaining and setting up your instrument
  • Affordable kits feature basic tools
  • More expensive kits often feature tools for more advanced jobs