Know the Different Models of Fiat and Lancia Classic Cars

These companies have been making automobiles for more than 100 years. Saloons, coupes, sedans, and sports models are prevalent models, and you can find affordable vintage models easily for sale on eBay.

Classic Fiat models

These are some of the classic vintage models you will see listed for sale on eBay:

  • 1100-103 (1953-1960) saloon and station wagon: The Fiat 1100 is known for excellent performance, economy, and road handling. It has a Cyclops headlamp and a 1089cc front engine with rear-wheel drive.
  • 128 (1968 to 1975) two- and four-door saloon and station wagon: This was this company's first model to have an east/west engine with front-wheel drive. It has front disc brakes and an independent MacPherson suspension. It has good road handling and gets moderate gas mileage.
  • 124 Spider (1966 to 1985) two-seater sport: The 124 Fiat Spider is a two-seater sports model with a shortened floor pan with a coil-spring back axle and four-wheel drive. It has a belt-driven twin-cam engine and usually has a five-speed gearbox. Available engines include 1438cc/1608cc/1756cc/1995cc models.
  • 130 Opera (1968 to 1977) saloon: The Fiat Opera has a cogged-belt drive with overhead double cams. It has a torsion bar and a strut front, power steering, a ZF five-speed manual or a B-W automatic transmission, and a 2866cc/3235cc capacity V6 engine. The Opera handles well but is less powerful than other Fiat models.
Classic Lancia models

Lancia has many different types of classic vintage automobiles:

  • Gamma Coupe (1976 to 1984) 2-door 4-seater saloon: The Gamma Coupe has a 140bhp and 120mph 1999cc/2484cc HO4 fuel-injected front engine with front-wheel drive.
  • Dilambda (1929 to 1935) saloon, sports saloon, cabriolet, Coupé de Ville, and various specials: The Dilambda was available in two wheelbases of 11 feet and 5 inches and 10 feet and 9 1/2 inches. It could reach speeds of up to 85 miles per hour. The brakes are servo-assisted. The engine is a V8 3960cc capacity engine with a 24 degree vee angle.
  • Monte Carlo (1975 to 1984) two-door two-seater coupe and spider coupe: This model was called a Scorpion and features a 1756cc/1995cc S4 mid-engine with rear-wheel drive. It has top speeds of 120 miles per hour.
  • Flavia Berlina (1967 to 1970): The Flavia Berlina has a fuel-injected 1488cc/1800cc/1991cc HO4 front engine with front-wheel drive. LX trims have power steering. Some of the later models have a two-litre engine.
  • Augusta (1933 to 1937) Saloon, drophead cabriolet, and various specials: The Augusta has average speeds of 65 miles per hour. The saloon models have a free wheel gravity feed, and the cabriolets have electric pumps. Both models have servo brakes. It has a 1196cc V4 front engine with rear-wheel drive.
  • Appia (1953 to 1959) saloon: The Appia has a 1089cc capacity V4 engine with 38bhp or 43bhp, a unitary body, and a standard Lancia front suspension. It has a beam rear axle and outboard rear brakes.
Who makes these classic vintage cars?

Fiat is the producer of all classic Fiat cars and has been in operation since 1900. Lancia was established in 1906 and was an independent manufacturer until 1969 when it became part of Fiat. Lancia became Lancia Automobiles in 2007 and is still owned by Fiat. Both companies are Italian.