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Jigsaw Puzzles

Nothing brings more satisfaction to puzzle enthusiasts than managing to complete a particularly tricky jigsaw puzzle, sometimes these can take weeks or even months to finish. If you’re looking for a fiendish challenge to keep you entertained then you’re in the right place.

One of the best things about jigsaw puzzles is their universal appeal and a love of puzzles can start even at the earliest of ages. You’ll find that there is an enormous variety available, from simple jigsaws designed for young children all the way through to more challenging puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles can be a fantastic way to keep the mind agile, and are a great hobby to take up both independently or as fun for all of the family. Whilst it doesn’t always hold true, often the most difficult puzzles have the most pieces whilst the simpler ones have less, so keep an eye on the number of pieces included for a simple benchmark as to the puzzle’s difficulty.

It’s often possible to spot the trickier puzzles by the patterns you’ll be recreating, with the hardest ones featuring repetitive patterns or wide areas that rely on the same colour scheme. Whether you follow the method of starting with the corner pieces or prefer to start with a specific part of the image first, the more difficult puzzles can be mind bendingly challenging.

With this collection you can also consider picking up a bargain and buying a selection of different jigsaw puzzles that are being sold together as part of a bulk set. These may be along the same theme or each might offer a completely different design.

Some of the most popular puzzles in the range include seasonally themed items, particularly Christmas themed jigsaw puzzles, as not only do they make great presents but they are often a good activity to keep people of all ages entertained over the festive period. There are also puzzles that recreate famous paintings, and even notoriously challenging ones featuring everything from a spilled out bag of sweets and a tin of baked beans.

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