Bed Pillows

Bed Pillows

To enhance and maximise your sleep comfort and sweet dreams, there are a wide variety of practical and luxury bed pillows to choose from.

Alternative shapes and styles

Many styles of orthopedic bed pillows are made from memory reflex foam that provides extra support for the neck and head. The contoured bed pillows help to relieve pressure to the neck, shoulders, spine, and back for maximum sleep comfort. A variety of styles and designs are available including anti snore orthopedic bed pillows which are an alternative option.

Bolster bed pillows traditionally have a cylindrical or elongated shape. The soft and comfortable bed pillows are available in a selection of lengths, to provide full support to specific areas of the body. Bolster bed pillows are a popular choice for many pregnant women.

Box square bed pillows are a popular luxury, hotel quality sleep comfort option. The rectangular bed pillows have a semi structured shape for maximum neck and head support whilst sleeping.

Memory foam bed pillows are a popular sleep comfort enhancing choice. The bed pillows are made from temperature sensitive material that reacts to pressure and the movement of your body. Contoured and standard pillow styles are also available.

Standard bed pillows that are filled with down provide a luxuriously soft sleep surface. The softest under feathers that ducks and geese use for insulation are known as down. These feathers create a light and ultra soft sleep surface. Some 100% down bed pillows are filled with a combination of goose and duck feathers which is often made up of 85% goose and 15% down.

Feather filled bed pillows produce a flatter feel pillow, so in order to combat this some will contain down clusters.

Bed pillows that have a hollowfibre filling typically have a soft, bounce back feel. Hypo Allergenic hollowfibre bed pillows cause no irritation, and are ideal for allergy sufferers.

Different combinations of bed pillows

Orthopedic and memory foam bed pillows are usually supplied as a single. Two pack bed pillows are available in most of the popular comfort options. Four pack bed pillows are typically available in hollowfibre, down and feather/down filling options. With all the different combinations it allows you to choose your preferred bed pillow shape and comfort rating.

Hotel quality bed pillows generally offer top of the range comfort. The luxurious bed pillows are usually filled with goose down and are supplied in packs of two, four, six or eight pillows, so that the whole family can enjoy sweet dreams!

Top Products in Bed Pillows

  • The Bettersleep Company Luxury Piped Edge Square Pillow Pair 2 Pillows Euro 65cm
  • Silentnight 346900GE Firm Memory Foam Core with Soft Hollowfibre Surround Pillow
  • Large Jumbo Bounce Back Hotel Quality Pillow Pair Big Fluffy Padded Firm 2 Pack
  • Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow Contour Sleeper Orthopedic Anti Snore Washable
  • Homescapes Super Microfibre Bounce Back Pillows Pair 5 Star Hotel Quality Best
  • V Shaped Pillow 2x Extra Filled Support for Pregnancy Maternity Nursing & Back
  • Supportiback Comfort Therapy Memory Bed Pillow With Heat Dissipating CoolGel R
  • Homescapes Polycotton Quilted Pillow Protectors 2 Pair Non Allergenic Cover
  • Supportiback Comfort Therapy Orthopedic Pillow With Memory Foam Conton
  • Naturalex Memory Foam Aloe Vera Pillow Anti Allergy Neck Support
  • Linens Limited Polycotton Polyester Hollowfibre Pillows 2 Pack
  • Sleepwell Luxury Stripe Pillows X 2 4390AMZ77 by Slumberdown
  • Big Hugs Pillows X 2 4311AMZ77 Standard White by Slumberdown
  • Silentnight Deep Sleep Plus Microfiber Pillow White
  • Simba Sleep Hybrid Pillow Outlast Down 50 X 75cm
  • Slumberdown Anti Snore Pillow 4 Pack 1000031504
  • Silentnight Ultrabounce Pillow White Pack of 6
  • Silentnight Supersoft Pillow Microfibre White
  • Slumberdown Truly Washable Pillows X 2 White
  • Slumberdown Super Support Pillow 4 Pack