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Decorative Throws

Add a luxurious touch to your bedroom or living room by introducing a decorative throw as an additional feature to help finish off the style of the room. Decorative throws are made from various materials ranging from artificial fibres to cotton and wool. The type of fabric affects the style and softness of the throw and helps determine its use: they can be practical, completely decorative depending on where and how it is placed, or a bit of both.

Decorative throws and blankets come in a choice of styles, colours and shapes. Fine silk throws are more likely to be entirely decorative, while fleece or wool decorative throws can have a more practical element. Either way, a beautiful throw is a lovely way to accessorise a living room or bedroom.

How to Use Decorative Throws

Bed throws can transform a bedroom into a stylish oasis and are great for complementing curtain and wall colourings. A silky chenille throw or a luxurious velvet one folded lengthwise and draped across the end of the bed will help encourage feelings of welcome and warmth. How about a decorative throw over the headboard to help transform the bed?

Sofa throws can be a relatively inexpensive way to improve the look of your living room: perhaps your sofa is looking a little worn, but a beautifully designed throw will help make your old sofa look updated. They are great to mix and match with cushion covers, add colour to neutral furniture items and inject a warm and cosy feel. Whether they are draped over the arm of a chair, positioned on the corner of a sofa or cascade over the back of both, they provide a focus and finish to the living room.

Of course, decorative throws can also be practical and protect furniture items from sticky fingers and pet hair. They are usually quicker and easier to clean than upholstery, especially if they are machine washable, and are also great to grab and snuggle up in on a cooler evening.

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