Wall Clocks

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Wall Clocks

Wall clocks play an important part in a room's interior design. Wall clocks differ in size and appearance as well as functionality. Some clocks will not only show the exact time but can measure air temperature and atmospheric pressure as well.

You can find mechanical, electrical, quartz and digital clocks, all in a variety of styles and sizes and which are suitable whether you are requiring one for your bathroom, kitchen, living room or bedroom. From traditional to modern, wall clocks are made out different materials such as wood, brass or plastic and can be found in vintage styles as well.

How to choose the right style of clock

With the huge variety of colours and shapes available, you are sure to find a wall clock that suits your own preferences. Wall clocks with hands are probably the most popular style although they can make a ticking noise so may not be suitable for a bedroom.

Digital wall clocks offer precision timekeeping and may sometimes show the date as well. If you are looking for a functional wall clock, then digital ones are easy to read even when at a distance and are ideal in the kitchen or the office. If your clock is less for precision timing and more in keeping with the appearance of your room in terms of colour, patterns or material, then other types of wall clocks may be more suitable. You can also find novelty wall clocks to bring some fun into the home, such as cuckoo clocks or ones that form part of a picture frame for example.

Consider where your wall clock is to hang and ensure it can be seen at the right level and is not obstructed. Ensure it is in proportion on the wall and is neither too high nor too low, and centrally placed. Take into account the colour or pattern of the walls, as you will want your wall clock to complement your room aesthetic. The size you choose will depend on how large the room is and the available space.