Household Waste Bins & Dustbins

Waste Bins and Dustbins

How you dispose of household waste can make a huge difference to the condition of your property. If you fail to select the right sized waste bins and dustbins, rubbish can quickly build up. Bins come in a variety of pleasant designs, including bright colours or chrome finishes, allowing you to choose one to match your style of interior decor.

Whatever type of waste bin or dustbin you're looking for, there are thousands to choose from in a range of styles and sizes. Choose from leading brands including Brabantia, Morphy Richards, Kingfisher, Blue Canyon, JVL, Tontarelli, simplehuman and Hailo.

Waste bins and dustbins are the most common bins for collecting household waste and are typically kept in the kitchen. Simple plastic versions are available in a range of colours, with the most popular being black, blue, green and red. If you'd like something a little more sophisticated, opt for a chrome bin with coloured panelling.

You'll find a range of sizes from 30 to 60 litres, with smaller sizes specially designed for bathrooms having a capacity of around 3 litres. Swing lids are simple to use, while lids that are set on top will need to be opened with one hand. You'll also find hands-free lids that use battery operated sensors to open when they detect motion.

Recycling Bins

If you'd like to separate your recyclable waste, including paper, glass and plastic, a designated recycling bin will help you save time. You can find a range of colour coded metal and plastic bins or storage bin bags to choose from. There are several styles of pedal bin that have separate compartments designed for each type of recyclable waste.

Composting caddies are also available for food waste and biodegradable items and typically come with anywhere between 2.5 and 10 litres. 

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