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Choose from a wide selection of new and used footballs, including name brands such as Nike, Adidas, Mitre and Puma. To best suit your needs, choose from a range of outdoor, indoor, and training footballs.

Outdoor Footballs

If you are looking for a reliable football to use at a competitive level, it would be beneficial to opt for a Match Football. These types of balls are suited to any age and ability and can be used across a range of different playing surfaces. Designed for performance and reliability, these balls will correspond with official FIFA regulations and utilise high-quality materials. Combining style with performance, the Adidas Champions League Finale Berlin Replica Match ball is often a popular choice.

Indoor Footballs

As the name suggests, indoor footballs are designed for use on indoor 5 a-side futsal pitches. To cope with these hard surfaces, most indoor balls incorporate an outer coating of felt with an inner layer of foam. This increases the weight and durability of the ball, limiting its bounce and impact on the surface of the pitch. Tried and tested, the Mitre Cyclone Indoor Football is a popular choice for those looking to purchase a quality indoor football.

Training Footballs

If you are an avid fan of football and regularly step out to play the game, it may be beneficial to opt for a training ball. Developed for the purpose of extended use and durability, these balls are suitable for all ages and can be used on all playing surfaces, even concrete or asphalt. Training balls typically comprise of 4 separate layers with an outer coating of PVC which is moulded together through a series of panels, providing a strong and sturdy football. Try the Mitre Impel Training Football if you are in search of a long-lasting and reliable ball.


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