Other Air Compressors & Blowers

Other Air Compressors and Blowers

Designed with a wide range of uses, from inflating tyres, spray painting and blowing dust, air compressors and blowers are a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Find machines from brands including Atlac Copco, Compair and Hydrovane.

Air Compressors and Blowers

A blower moves a gas with a moderate increase in pressure whilst a compressor increases the pressure of gas quite considerably. There's quite a considerable choice of both, ranging from the smallest tyre pressure compressors to trailer compressors capable of creating and maintaining considerable pressure. With all sizes and capacities of portable, wheeled, vertical and horizontal compressors and blowers, there's sure to be something suited to your personal requirements.

Spare Parts for Air Compressors and Blowers

If a replacement part is needed for your air compressor or blow, you'll find both new and used parts that allow you to bring your machine back to life. The many hundreds of items available include every size and configuration of air tool kits, air line fittings and quick release couplings. Discover a diverse range of parts and components to repair damaged or lost parts. Browse through compressed air guns, airline bayonets, pressure switches, safety valves, ball valves, mini filters, water traps and lubricants.

Basic Air Compressor Maintenance

Over time parts wear, become damaged or corrode so it is essential to undertake regular equipment inspections to identify worn or damaged parts. These should, of course, be replaced immediately with their exact like for like from the proper manufacturer. Check that parts are compatible with your machine before buying.

Key Safety Guidelines

Compressors, especially, represent a potential hazard in the workplace if they haven't been regularly serviced and if they're incorrectly used. Improper use one of the most frequent causes of personal injury, so always make sure the specific compressor manual is adhered to and always wear eye and hearing protection.