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Start or Expand Your Collection With World Coins

Whether you're new to the world of coin collecting or an experienced numismatist looking to expand your collection beyond Britain, there's always something new to learn about world coins. You will find numerous types of world coins available on eBay.

What should you consider when starting a world coin collection?

The range of world coins is so vast that it can be difficult to decide what to add to your collection. One way to make sure you don't exceed your budget or space limits is to focus on a particular aspect of collecting. You could choose to specialise in an aspect such as:

  • Country: Choose a particular country to be the focus of your collecting.
  • Theme: Pick a particular image or concept and collect coins featuring it. For instance, if you decided to collect coins bearing images of ships, you could collect pieces from Canada, Greece, Malta, and more.
  • Period: Narrow your search to a particular historical period rather than a geographic region.
Bulk coins as an easy way to start a collection

One common way to get started in international coin collecting is to buy a bulk coin assortment. These collections contain mixed coinage from all over the world; although you're unlikely to find any high-value items in them, they're a good way to practise identification or grading. They're also a good gift for young coin enthusiasts.

What are the rarest world coins?

The most prized world coins are those that combine historical interest and rarity. For example, the 1907 ultra-high-relief double eagle coin was a $20 coin minted by the United States. Problems with the minting process meant that only a few were ever struck. As a result, they now command prices in the millions of dollars. Less valuable but similarly rare are coins minted during and after the French Revolution. This tumultuous period created an ever-changing currency that appeals to coin collectors and history buffs alike.

World coin supplies and accessories

If you're already a coin collector, you'll probably have the equipment you need, but if you're just starting out you'll want to acquire some coin collecting supplies. Most importantly, you'll need a method of storing your coins. There is a wide range of storage solutions on eBay. This includes cardboard mounts and plastic capsules, as well as larger albums. Be sure to choose a product specifically designed for coins. You'll also want a magnifying glass or loupe, and soft cotton gloves to help protect your coins during handling.