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Strength Training and Weights

Having your own set of strength training and weights is ideal for when you don't have time to get out to the gym. From dumbbells, benches, kettlebells to pull up bars you can find a wide range of strength training and weight equipment here on eBay. Choose from a wide range of leading brands including BodyRip, Marcy, adidas and Reebok.


Barbells are ideal for snatches, deadlifts, squats and bench pressing. They allow you to train at a higher level than dumbbells. This is because the single bar is easier to control than two separate ones, meaning you can isolate a muscle and increase the weight. The bar itself can also weigh anywhere from 5kg to 20kg and higher, giving you more resistance when training.

Body Bars

Body bars are usually made out of iron and they are covered in foam or rubber. They are a great alternative when compared to barbells. You can perform a huge range of exercises with varying weights, for example, you can strength train with them by bending them, squatting with them and by attaching resistance bands to give you that extra burn with your workout. They can also be used to stretch out and add a small touch of weight to your cardio workout.


Kettlebells come with a loop that helps them to be used for swings and cleans. They are designed to be used quickly and powerfully and you can also use them for pumping cardio. The weight isn't balanced and this means that your body has to work harder in order to stabilise the weight.

Other strength training equipment includes squat racks, weight benches and pull up bars. These are more suited to those who have a bigger space for their home gym as they take up a lot of room.