Star Trek Collectables

Star Trek Collectibles

Science fiction television shows have long been a fan favorite of the public since they were first introduced on television. Many of these shows have associated memorabilia from the show's time frame and commemorative collectibles that have been produced since the shows' origins. Collecting these items is a common way to keep the shows' memories alive.

What was the premise of the original series?

Created by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek was first aired in 1966 and ran for three seasons. Since then, the series has been reinvented in spinoff series like The Next Generation, and also in movies, books, and animated series. The original series centered around an exploratory space mission from Earth in the 23rd century, the mission statement being that the star ship Enterprise's mission was to explore new worlds and to go where no man had ever been, during a five-year mission.

Who are the main characters in the original series?

There are several main characters that are integral to the show:

  • Captain James T. Kirk - Captain Kirk is the captain of the star ship Enterprise.
  • Mr. Spock - He is the science officer of the Enterprise. He is of mixed Human and Vulcan heritage.
  • Dr. McCoy - Fondly known as "Bones", Dr. McCoy is older than the other characters.
  • Uhura - Lt. Uhura is the communications officer.
  • Pavel Chekov - Chekov is the navigation officer.
  • Sulu - Sulu is the helmsman.
  • Montgomery Scott - Scotty is the Chief Engineer.
  • Nurse Chapel - Nurse Chapel is the Chief Medical Officer.
  • Yeoman Rand - Yeoman Rand is an intermittent character.
What are the original series Star Trek films?

The original series only ran three seasons, but several movies were made later that are based on the original series and cast.

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture - A mysterious cloud is approaching earth and destroying all challengers.
  • The Wrath of Khan - A former enemy of Kirk and crew resurfaces.
  • The Search for Spock - The science officer died in The Wrath of Khan, and Dr. McCoy was unknowingly imbued with his spirit.
  • The Voyage Home - The crew of the Enterprise is attempting to return to Earth. En route, they encounter a probe that is sending a disruptive signal to Earth.
  • The Final Frontier - Spock's half-brother is searching for God.
  • The Undiscovered Country - The Klingons make overtures of peace after their main moon implodes.
What types of collectibles are there?

There are many types of Star Trek collectibles and memorabilia that have been produced over the years, based on the original series, the films and the multiple spinoff series. Some of these collectibles are:

  • Memorabilia - The series' memorabilia consists of promotional material, set props, and even musical recordings form the actors.
  • Action figures - There has been an abundance of action figures produced over the years for each of the series and films.
  • Replicas of Star Trek objects - All sorts of familiar objects in the Star Trek world have been reproduced.
  • Toys - There are many toys to collect.
  • Ornaments - Many familiar characters are available to adorn your Christmas tree.
  • Games - Many games have been produced.
  • Artwork- Posters, paintings and prints abound.
  • Costumes - There are costumes that have been made over the years for familiar Star Trek characters.
  • Commemorative sculptures - Companies that specialize in commemorative objects have regularly issued items in limited editions over the years.