Austin Classic Cars

Relive the days of Yore With a Classic Austin Car

Herbert Austin, founder of Austin Motor Company Limited, began making cars in his spare time in 1895. They would later become Britain's first vehicles. You can find Austin of England cars for sale at the most reasonable prices on eBay.

Condition of Austin cars for sale in the UK

Many of these Austin classic cars for sale are in excellent running order. Some have been restored to nearly new condition inside and out. Others might need and little tender loving care, and still, others would make excellent restoration projects for the hobbyist. You can find these Austin cars for sale in the UK manufactured between the years of 1930 through 1999.

Types of Austin cars for sale

There are several classic trucks, sedans and, coupés from Austin on eBay. Most of the antique vehicles are manual transmissions, but you can find automatic transmissions in later model Austin cars. Take a cruise with the top down in a vehicle like the 1934 Austin Seven APD Military or haul precious cargo in your 1983 Austin Rover Minivan. A few other Austin classic cars available include:

  • Austin Healey Sprite for sale
  • Austin Mini Saloon 998CC for sale
  • Austin Cambridge for sale
  • Austin 7 Ruby Saloon
  • Austin 1800 for sale
Features of Austin classic cars

With so many different models from which to choose, features vary greatly between vehicles. Some of the classic models offer four-wheel brakes, four-speed 3.6L four-cylinder engine with a cast-iron block and a whopping 45 horsepower. These vintage vehicles were often used as for hire vehicles, and with proper maintenance have been known to last well over 500,000 miles in its lifetimes. Most older models are also MOT and vehicle tax exempt. Later model vehicles will have more of the contemporary features common to younger vehicles.

How do you choose the right Austin classic car?

eBay is the most convenient place to shop, compare and purchase your Austin classic car. Finding the right vehicle is highly dependent on your personal preferences and intended use of the vehicle. You can compare different models' side by side from the comfort of your home rather than endlessly searching the countryside for your next classic Austin. Whether looking for a weekend vehicle to cruise around with the family or a project for restoration, a classic Austin of England car for sale is a great investment.