The Classic Land Rover in the UK

Land Rover classic cars have been part of the history of the UK since 1948 when they were produced for off-road commercial use. The vehicles were found in service on farms, used as ambulances, and for military use. The Land Rover was a British mainstay and could be found in use throughout the country.

Models of the pre-owned classic Land Rover available on eBay

Classic affordable Land Rovers for sale on eBay include:

  • Series 1 - The Land Rover Series 1 (1948-1958) was built for farm and utility work. The autos were made of steel and aluminium. True to the utilitarian nature of the Series 1, roofs and doors could be ordered as an option. Later years for the Series 1 included the introduction of the station wagon.
  • Series 2 - The Land Rover Series 2 for sale (1958-1961) came with a chassis length of 2.24 metres to 2.77 metres. The longer model could hold up to 12 passengers.
  • Series 2A - This model was made from 1961 to 1971 and came in a variety of body styles for commercial use, including the forward control Series 2A with the cab over the engine to provide more cargo space.
  • Series 3 - The Land Rover Series 3 was built from 1971 to 1984 and kept many of the cosmetic features of the 2A. The chassis and engine were updated as technology changed.
Body types of classic Land Rovers for sale in UK

The classic Land Rovers were built predominantly for off-road use. These off-road capable vehicles were available with two and four doors. The two-door pickup was also built as a multipurpose vehicle. The early five-door station wagon was not equipped with comfort in mind. Later models included features such as a hardtop and air vents to cut down on condensation and provide some interior airflow.

What engines and transmissions are available on Land Rover Series 3 vehicles for sale?

The engines for the Land Rover Series 3 include both diesel and petrol options. The smaller 2.25L 54kW (73 HP) I4 engine ran on petrol, while the 2.25L 46kW (62 HP) I4 ran on diesel. Other engine types available include the 2.6L 64kW (86 HP) I6 and 3.5L 68kW (91 HP) V8. These engines run on petrol. The Series 3 vehicles have a main 4-speed manual transmission. There is also an optional 2-speed gearbox. These Land Rovers also have selectable four-wheel drive capability.