Other Healthcare, Lab & Dental

High quality medical supplies & disposables

The medical sector requires specialist equipment and tools to ensure safe diagnosis for patients in a professional setting. If you're looking for the latest medical equipment, there is a wide range of options available to upgrade or replace your existing equipment at affordable prices in new, used and refurbished conditions. 

Specialist sets and equipment

Due to the intricacies of the medical profession, there is a selection of medical kits that can help provide everything you need without buying individual items. This option is excellent for training professionals and offers you a starting point for your studies. 

There are several options for specialist kits, and many contain quality equipment to carry out diagnosis work. You'll find everything from dental equipment and supplies such as scalers and dental repair kits, plus surgical supplies including scalpels, medical swabs and ultrasound machines. There is also a selection of test tubes, measuring cylinders and pH test papers to help you carry out assessments of fluid effectively. 


If you're looking for a wide range of medical disposables, you'll find both individual and bulk buy items to top up your supplies. There is everything from throwaway swabs and antibacterial wipes to surgical blades to use in scalpels. For other medical sectors such as dentistry, chiropody and optometry, there is a large selection of consumables to use with your equipment. 

Medical clothing

Surgical and medical clothing is important for a variety of professions, and the selection of clothing suitable for hygienic practices provides an affordable option for businesses and individuals looking to replace their uniform. You'll find long laboratory coats plus tunics and trousers all made in durable and suitable material for medical working environments. There is also a selection of colours depending on your grade and type of work you do.